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PBMC isolation

† Ficoll-Paque is a trademark of GE Healthcare. Similar products are Histopaque® by Sigma Aldrich and Lymphocyte Separation Medium by Lonza.


The PBM200 offers the following benefits:

PBMC isolation

The PBM200 and the PBM200C are used for the recovery of PBMC from samples processed using the Ficoll-Paque† density gradient technique.

The PBM200 and the PBM200C can be used for the isolation of PBMC using a variety of protocols, e.g. Centrifuge the blood collection tube first, measure the fractions in the tube reader, create aliquots of plasma and then continue with the dilution and overlay of Ficoll-Paque.


The PBM200C offers the additional benefits:

PBMC isolation with Histopaque 1077 PBM200C for PBMC isolation and cell counting