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The PBM200 is a robotic system for the isolation of PBMC from samples processed using the Ficoll-Paque† density gradient technique.  It uses patent pending* technology developed by AM Robotic Systems and constituent parts are shown in the picture above.

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† Ficoll-Paque is a trademark of GE Healthcare. Similar products are Histopaque® by Sigma Aldrich and Lymphocyte Separation Medium by Lonza.

*US Patent Application No. 12/953,014

The parts of a typical protocol performed by the PBM200 are illustrated in the diagram.

The PBM200 provides automation for:

Other parts of the protocol are performed manually. See video

PBMC isolation protocol using PBM200 by AM Robotic Systems

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PBM200 brochure PBM200 for isolation of PBMC