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These volumes, together with other parameters, are used to generate liquid handling protocols for each tip of the liquid handling robot.

The performance of the system can be optimised by the use of configuration parameters, e.g. the system can be set up to:

Blood with anticoagulant

The SBF has been specifically designed for processing blood collection tubes with an anticoagulant, such as EDTA or lithium heparin, because these can be difficult and time consuming to process manually, particularly if a lot of small aliquots are required.

The Tube Reader of the SBF is used to detect all three fractions and the volumes are calculated from the measurements recorded.

A typical process could be to produce the following aliquots from a 10ml blood collection tube

4 x 1ml of plasma

1 x 1ml of buffy coat

Aliquots can easily be programmed for different destination racks.

Lithium Heparin blood collection tubes for processing on SBF

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